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第24届葡界论坛成功举行 大咖嘉宾纵论年底旺季葡萄酒动销攻略
2020-10-25 16:46:22   来源:《华夏酒报》/中国酒业新闻网   作者:徐菲远   评论:0

On the afternoon of October 23, the 24th  World Forum of Wines(WFW) was held in the WeChat group “China's Wine Industry Big Guns” with the theme of "Wine sales strategies during the busy season". Mr. Dong Shuguo, wine industry observer and critic, and founder of WFW, served as the chairman of the forum; Mr.Liu Shisong, associate professor of the Wine School of Binzhou Medical College and founder of Wine Craftsmanship Institute, presided over the forum. Seven well-known industry speakers as well as more than 300 members from WeChat group “China's Wine Industry Big Guns” witnessed the forum. 

In 2020, the wine markets both at home and abroad having been moving forward under great challenges of Covid-19. Although the epidemic in China has been well controlled, the market is still recovering. At the same time, The Chinese market shows new consumption characteristics, and changes are taking place from consumption patterns to consumption habits.

In this special market situation, how can wine companies bring more sales during the busy season at the end of 2020? With the theme of "Wine sales strategies during the busy season", experts of the forum made suggestions from different angles, hoping to bring new reference and thinking to the industry.

Chairman Dong Shuguo announced the opening of the forum and made the keynote speech on " Prosper China's Wine Market-Industry Chain and Herd Effect". He pointed that the wine enterprises need to develop and cooperate together like a flock to face this precarious market. “Chinese wine companies must improve their own industrial chain, reach consensus and unified publicity, and jointly make a big market cake, so as to promote prosperity of the China’s wine market.”

Mr. Sun Jian, General Manager of Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co., Ltd., believes that the China’s wine market is expected to usher in a bottoming out. Based on the case analysis of Changyu, he pointed out that domestic products is now on the rise, the macro policies are very beneficial to the development of China’s wine market, and the epidemic has made "healthy drinking" more popular. He also pointed out that the Chinese wine industry should deal with three problems: How to work together to cultivate more consumers; Domestic wine and imported wine should provide consumers with higher quality consumer experience under the premise of good competition and cooperation. Every company must find its own development path under the new situation.

Mr. Gu Yuping, China brand representative of Henkell Freixenet, shared his views on the development trend and growth points of imported wine in China market. He analyzed the current situation of the imported wine market and market trends through data. He pointed out that young people are leading the alcohol consumption pattern in the next 10 years. The white wine market will develop significantly in the next 3-5 years and sparkling wine will also gain more market share; Wine sales must adapt to the innovative thinking of young people; Spirits are the biggest competitor of wine; Branding is the trend for  future market in the world; Wine producers need to focus on "brand + quality + package".

Mr. Si Tujun, Chairman of Moutai Wine Company, gave a speech on how to seize opportunities in the wine market. He believes that Chinese wine is ushering in historic development opportunities, and we must grasp them and jointly create a path of innovative growth for Chinese wine. Based on the cases of Moutai wine, he proposed three measures to promote sales: Adhere to quality, build a good brand reputation with high-quality products; Let culture being the guide and break brand boundaries; Adhere to the principle of service marketing and create " a community of common destiny ".

Mr. Zhang Yanzhi, Chairman of Ningxia Xige Estate said that due to the scale of boutique wineries, it is difficult for them to compete in the way of big players, but wineries of any size should tap and give play to their advantages. He put forward measures to seize the busy season of the Spring Festival after Covid-19 from 4 aspects:Explore topics, and enhance the value identity of products among consumers; Tap resources for group purchases and shorten the sales chain; Focus on feelings and make the products enter people’s hearts; Hold high the banner of Chinese wine, tell your own unique story, as well as the stories of the region and the country. 

Ms. Lin Xiaofen, Chairman of Shanghai Carlico International Trading Co., Ltd., talked about how to change the tasting party in order to better promote sales with her 10-year working experience in Shanghai Carlico. She summarized the practical procedures of festival tasting from four aspects: Establish a theme, select customers accurately, pay attention to details, and do it along with sales. She pointed out that Covid-19 has impacted many industries but is also spurred us to abandon our inherent ideas and encourage us to make changes. 

Mr. Chen Shengda, general manager of Shenzhen Wise Monkey Wine Co., Ltd., shared the online sales operation method during the busy season and how companies without enough traffic can use the Internet to sell. He pointed out that the integration of online and offline "new retail" has become a new track for all industries. Combining the marketing cases of Wise Monkey wine during the epidemic period, he make his own suggestions:  Make old customers bring new customers through the Internet, make good use of the platforms such as TikTok, Kwai,  and create a good personal IP and product brand. 

Ms. Yuan Xu, the founder of Miss Yuan’s Sweet Wines, shared her experience on how wine companies should operate the live delivery at the end of the year. She analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of network broadcast, as well as the characteristics of the three platforms of Taobao, TikTok and Kwai. Regarding how to undertake live delivery, she shared her experience from three aspects: high-quality anchor resources, products suitable for network broadcast and experienced team to conduct the operation.

Mr.Liu Shisong, associate professor of the Wine School of Binzhou Medical College and founder of Wine Craftsmanship Institute made a summary speech at the end. The forum ended successfully.




在这个特殊的市场环境下,葡萄酒企业2020年年底销售旺季是否能够抢回更多的销量?企业如何看待年底销售旺季的到来?要通过何种方式才能更好推动销售上量?因此,中国葡萄酒大咖群第24届葡界论坛以“旺季已来,葡萄酒动销招数全攻略”为主题, 邀请嘉宾从不同角度进行出谋划策,以期给中国葡萄酒行业带来全新的借鉴与思考。