Cocktail bays see Sainsbury’s spirits sales soar

By Lucy Shaw  2011-4-6 11:05:35
Spirits sales by volume at Sainsbury’s are up 8% following the launch of cocktail bays in 280 stores nationwide on 6 March, as reported by the drinks business.

Shoppers have responded positively to the new layout, which displays everything customers need to make homemade cocktails, including spirits, liqueurs and syrups, as well as glasses, shakers and other mixology equipment.

Sainsbury’s has also launched a cocktail book to sit within the fixture, which includes 50 cocktail recipes, tips on technique, a users guide to equipment and a foreword by drinks expert Olly Smith.

Justin James, Sainsbury’s beers, wines and spirits category manager said: “Sales of cocktails in the on trade have soared recently, so in recognition of this renewed consumer interest we have identified an opportunity to develop the market for cocktail-making at home by making it more accessible for our customers.

“We’re delighted with the response to the cocktail bay so far. The sales figures show that there is a real appetite for cocktails at home, as customers enjoy easy access to all they need to get started.”

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