MONCARO striving to develop Chinese wine market

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"All along, our basic principle of growing grapes and making wines is to provide best protection for the health of consumers, with the most trusted and most environmentally friendly wines to win wine lovers around the world." Dott.Doriano Marchetti, chairman of MONCARO said an interview from China Wine News on February 6.

“MONCARO wines are sold all over the world, although current exports to China account for only a very small proportion, but I believe that continuous efforts of MONCARO's representative office in China will bring a very good brand and sales in the future,” Marchetti said.

For the company's future in Chinese market, Dott.Doriano Marchetti hope the market will go better and better. “because MONCARO mainly focuses in the high and middle-end market, so, hopefully, to cooperate with some upscale hotels and bulk purchase company. Of course, MONCARO will use all kinds of ways to continue promoting the brand in future, cooperating with the professional media like China Wine News to influence the broad masses of consumers , finally win more Chinese consumers.

“It is gratifying that there are already more and more Chinese people have form a wine drinking habit, the future potential of China's wine market is unpredictable.” He said.

Moncaro lies in the heart of Marche region. It observes a single overarching philosophy for its three wine-production sites, believing that the highest work standards and uncompromised environmental stewardship will lead to high-quality wines.

Twenty years' experience in organic farming, in fact, has enabled Moncaro to bring all of its vineyards under the philosophy of supervised-control viticulture and low-environmental-impact practices, with rigorous attention paid to achieving perfect growth and crop balance in the vines.

The highest work standards in the cellar and the most advanced technologies have as their objective the creation of conditions that will, at all times, yield wines of true distinction, wines expressive of their local terroir and which preserve the varietal characteristics of their constituent grapes.



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