Wine of the week: Nissley Rhapsody in Blue

By Erica Streisfeld  2009-3-9 22:45:26

Since it's UnCork York Tour de Tanks month, let's talk about a vino that you can find on the wine trail. Warm temperatures have prevailed this weekend, and so it's time come out of wine hibernation and reincorporate some fresh, juicy whites into your wine rack.

If you didn't know any better, you'd probably think that Rhapsody in Blue is a riesling – slightly sweet with notes of crisp green apple and pear. But in reality it's made up of 76 percent vidal blanc and 24 percent cayuga, and categorized as one of Nissley's semi-dry wines. That's right, not one bit of riesling in this bottle, but I guarantee you'll love it just the same.

Out of all Nissley's wines, this one is supposed to appeal to a bit of a younger crowd, which is the reason for the designer label and cool blue bottle. In contrast, the other wines in the Nissley lineup have much more classic labels. So maybe this marketing tactic is working – after all, Rhapsody is usually my default pick at Nissley. As a bonus, it's nice to know you'll be supporting a local winery. Pick up a bottle of Rhapsody at the Nissley winery in Bainbridge, at the Nissley shops located throughout Central Pennsylvania or at any Harrisburg-area state store.


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